Faculty of Languages and Literature

Faculty of Languages and Literature


With the inception of LUAWMS, Department of English has been established. As English is a compulsory part of syllabi of all undergraduate programmes, the importance of this Department has further been enhanced. Apart from compulsory courses of other disciplines of the University, English is offered as 04 Year degree programme as well. The rationale behind 04 year programme in English is to produce bright graduates for Central Superior Services (CSS), Provincial Civil Services (PCS), educational institutions, media and so on. Understanding and application of impressively effective communication skills are absolute essentials for making a mark in any field or profession. It goes without saying that communication skills are founded in knowing the language of those with whom one has to interact. English is therefore the language which is most understood all over the world.

04 Year BA Honours programme is a step of HEC in the right direction to raise the level of education in Pakistan at par with the world. First time in history of this country curriculum has been designed to meet both national and the international standards keeping in view the professional needs of the learners. Lasbela University started the HEC-Curriculum of English for BA (04 Years Honours and MA 02 years Honours) programme right from its establishment about 2 years ago, and named it BS English.

HEC has designed courses keeping in view the professional interest of the learners in English Language and its uses in communication skills, world literary traditions, understanding the principles of applied Linguistics and the research methodology. Prior knowledge of linguistics is not essential. Subjects like Foundation of English, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, Communication Skills, Urdu, Academic Reading and Writing, Human rights and Principles of Business are compulsory requirements. Then there are minor, core, and major subjects.

Deparmtent of English Language and Literature is publishing a journal named as “Balochistan Journal of Linguistics”, the journal is recognized by HEC and placed in Z category.

Dr. Nasir Abbas
Faculty of Languages and Literature